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The X-Yachts Story

In 1979, one of today’s most successful and quality orientated production yards was established in Denmark. During the 1980’s, X-Yachts designed and built winning IOR yachts for World Class Racing. Our success with this market attracted the attention of the cruising market, which was then looking for fast, high quality and comfortable sailing yachts. It seemed very clear to us that we should use our boat building experience from the fast racers and combine this with building high performance cruising yachts.

The Xcruising Range

The Xcruising range was designed for sailors who want to cover sea miles in style and comfort, yet retaining the same design and build qualities that X-Yachts performance designs are renowned for.

The first in the family, the Xc 45, was awarded the 2009 European Yacht of the Year the year of its launch. It was soon joined by the Xc 42 and in 2010, the range was doubled by the introduction of the Xc 50 and the Xc 38. Only a couple of months after the launch of the Xc 38, it was awarded the 2011 European Yacht of the Year.

The Xperformance Range

"Our aims for the Xp 44 and the Xp 38 were to offer what X-Yachts is expected to offer - and which we originally became known for - namely yachts which both give a sailing experience second to none, and at the same time also offer an ideal instrument on which to entertain family", Niels Jeppesens explains.

Forbes Horton Yachts

Forbes Horton Yachts is proud to have been selected as the exclusive X-Yachts dealer for the Mid-Atlantic. We are thrilled to represent such an esteemed line of boats. X-Yachts are built on a deep relation to and understanding of performance, design and the demands of the sea. While the styling may be contemporary, the joinery skills employed in constructing the yachts have been handed down through the generations. The satisfaction felt when steering an X-Yacht is the result of many choices taken throughout the design process to ensure that the yacht remains naturally balanced. These boats are painstakingly prepared prior to sale, maintaining not only the standard of the fleet but also high residuals for owners. An X-Yachts value is preserved long after delivery and the turnover rate for brokerage offerings is almost nonexistent. Owners simply love their boats. Step aboard an X-Yachts and sailing will never be the same.



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